1. Define what you need:

  First you need to secure a spot in waiting list. Normally I am fully booked for 2-3 months so do not wait too long. In next step I would need to know as much as possible from you. Do you have a current design which you want to evolve or do you want me to came up with new and unique design for you. You can suply me with drawings, photos or any kind of description of what you are looking for. You can have inspiration from anything around you. From this point we can start discuss the design itself.

3. Graphic design

In this stage I will develop a digital version of your helmet with all the details. I will submit one design proposal for your review. Two modifications are included in this stage of process. Any additional changes cost extra fees. Please be very specific in the first stage of process so we do not exceed the two modifications.


After the graphic design is aproved I can start with actuall paintwork. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the helmet. In special cases like helmets with chrome base there is extra time of 2 weeks add. 

6. Helmet return

I usually ship the helmets by TNT. Clients are responsible for shipping cost, taxes and duties. Another option is to pick up the helmet if you are local.


A uniform look for your team, individual identity so that you look your best based on your requirements. Matching clothing with car or go-kart graphics, a complete set of graphic solutions including a helmet. I will ensure that you look your best and most original on the track!

As with the helmets, I would need to know as much as possible from you as a first step. Do you have an existing design that you want to develop or do you want me to come up with a new and unique design for you? You can supply me with drawings, photos or any description of what you are looking for, and be inspired by anything around you. After this basic definition, I can start solving the actual graphics of the clothes, overalls or gloves...


I offer a 2D graphic solution for the graphics of your racing car or formula so that you are unmissable on the circuit. Graphics are created based on pre-agreed customer requirements.
Sponsors and partners are an important factor in motorsport. I believe that the right graphics will help you to appeal to sponsors who will be convinced by a car livery matched with their logos. Visual identity is very important in this regard. 

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