About me

Ever since I remember I was a fan of motorsport of any kind. My passion for art started when I was kind as far as I remember. I have studied design and became a professional designer working in various design studios in Europe mostly in the automotive field.

With all the gained experience and combination of my passion with my profession I have decided to settle down with my own business in helmet design and paintwork for customers all over the world. I always strive for top quality, focus on details and non less the uniqueness of my design which creates your identity.

work experience

  • Exterior designer – Volkswagen design centre – Wolfsburg / Germany
  • Exterior & interior designer – Mercedes design – Sindelfingen / Germany
  • Exterior & interior designer – Pinninfarina design – Turin – Cambioano / Italy
  • Product designer – KINAZO design / Slovakia
  • Product designer – Werkemotion / Slovakia

Contact me

Mobile +421 903 649 193
Email: info@lukaspinter.com
Nitra, Slovakia